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The Covid Fudged Fatality Rates

A new research paper from Stanford shows that the Covid fatality rate was much lower than they told us before any vaccines were released to the market. If true, that means they lied to us about Covid mortality during lockdowns and during vaccine rollouts. Let’s look at the data.

Here is the study from the journal called Environmental Research. It was peer-reviewed and published on January 1. The paper examines IFR or infection fatality rate. Basically, how likely were you to die of Covid if you got it. They analyzed data from 38 countries and found that IFR had a median of 0.034% for people 0 to 59 years old. That is a shockingly low fatality rate to close down the planet, sacrifice children’s educations, and keep people from their jobs for not having a vaccine!!

We were told these measures were for the elderly but this paper points out that the elderly represent only 6% of the population. Lockdowns incontrovertibly harmed young people. Did we harm young people for 6% of the population? Or worse, did we harm young people for something that was hardly a threat to 6% of the population? Read the paper and decide for yourself!

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