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The Covid Vaccine’s Adverse Effects on Women

new study shows that the Covid vaccine can alter menstruation. So many women were telling the truth!

The study shows that vaccinated women experienced, on average, a one-day delay in getting their periods. Is one day a big deal? It is if you are trying to conceive or prevent conception. And if the average is one day, then many women experienced more than one day, and some may have experienced earlier periods.

The study was published in the British Medical Journal. Researchers analyzed data from the Natural Cycles app and found that there was a variation in women’s cycles pre and post-vaccination in the 20,000 women whose cycles were analyzed. The U.K.’s NIH director said that these changes “appear to be small, within the normal range of variation, and temporary.”

The study found that cycle delays resolved themselves in a month or two after vaccination, but that is not my experience. I was vaccinated in July of 2021 and am still experiencing delays even though I have always menstruated like a Swiss watch.

Remember, that women were chastised for saying this and people lost their jobs for having concerns about the vaccine and their fertility.

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