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The Electric Vehicle Boondoggle

The Biden Administration is pushing electric vehicle mandates even though car dealers and manufacturers have begged them not to. New rules unveiled on Wednesday set the “strongest-ever pollution standards,” which many are calling a cover to eliminate gas-powered cars.

The new standards were announced by the EPA. It limits the amount of CO2 per mile that cars can emit by 2027. Since gas-powered cars cannot meet those standards, it would push up the number of EVs that manufacturers have to make to hit averages.

The problem is, EVs don’t sell so car makers would have to make more cars that people don’t want in order to meet these standards. According to the Wall Street Journal, “EVs made up less than 8% of new auto sales last year, and more than half were Teslas…. EPA claims the rule preserves “consumer choice” because hybrids and plug-in hybrids can help meet the standards in the early years. But auto makers will have no choice but to limit gas-powered, and increase EV, production to meet the mandates. The only ‘choice’ Americans will have in the future is electric.”

House Speaker Mike Johnson called these new rules “misguided.” He said: “This is another radical, anti-energy crusade that will limit consumer choices, raise costs on American families and devastate auto manufacturers. More regulations and higher costs are the opposite of what our country needs. I urge [President Biden] to reverse course and to do so immediately.”

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