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The Fallacy of a War Economy

President Joe Biden said that funding wars abroad would create jobs for Americans because those weapons are made in U.S. factories. As if that would make us feel better about it.

But NBC News reports that this hasn’t happened. While weapons makers are cashing in, they are not on hiring sprees and boosting local economies. The report says that “defense companies say they have been struggling to hire workers in a tight labor market, untangle supply chain snarls and restart mothballed production lines. While there are starting to be signs of progress, it could be several more years before production peaks and the billions of dollars earmarked for the war in Ukraine begins to impact the wider economy, industry analysts said.”

So it’s a long-game investment? We have to trust it will pay off for our economy while people die?

The U.S. has committed $44 billion in aid to Ukraine, most of it for weapons purchases and the President says that he is seeking an additional $61.4 billion in aid for Ukraine and $14.3 billion for Israel.

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