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The Fauci Files

A new round of Twitter files were released Thursday by journalist Paul Thacker. These pertain to Twitter’s handling of the pandemic and relationship with Dr. Fauci. They are colloquially called the “Fauci Files.”

The files do not suggest what Elon Musk suggested last December that Fauci should be prosecuted for something. All they say about Dr. Fauci is that he had done some Twitter account takeovers during the pandemic when he testified in court depositions that he had never used Twitter. That’s hardly a ‘gotcha.’ Many famous people do Twitter account takeovers with help from staff. This hardly means that Fauci is intimately familiar with Twitter.

The files do show that Twitter staff were enamored of Dr. Fauci as a hero. They also show that Twitter worked directly with Johnson & Johnson to market the vaccine.

More is expected to be released later today.

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