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The Indictment of Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden will face nine indictments from the Justice Department after a grand jury agreed on the matter. They all have to do with tax evasion. 

The Justice Department says that, “if convicted, he faces a maximum penalty of 17 years in prison” although they warn that actual sentences are “typically less than the maximum penalties.”

This came out of the Special Counsel investigation by David C. Weiss.

Hunter Biden’s attorney Abbe Lowell told CNN that these indictments are unfair targeting of the president’s son and that they are unfair because Hunter was going through a bad time.

“The charges in this new tax indictment talk about a period where Hunter was at the lowest ebb of his addiction,” Lowell said. “And like people in that regard, and I know everybody in America either has somebody in their family or friends who suffer from addiction, he certainly did things that he’s not proud of.”

The law doesn’t allow for people to break it when they are going through a bad time.

Hunter Biden has yet to be indicted for acting as a foreign agent, trafficking young girls or hiring prostitutes but the Justice Department says that this is still ongoing so more indictments could be forthcoming.

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