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The Last Hope For Julian Assange

This week jailed journalist Julian Assange faces a very important appeal to his extradition to the United States. This could be his last shot to freedom.

Assange was never convicted of any crime and has been awaiting extradition to the United States based on indictments to do with hacking. He did not do any hacking. Bradley Manning did the hacking. Assange did journalism, which is not a crime.

It is not custom to await extradition in a high security prison. Former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa was arrested in England in April of 2022 on a request from Ecuador, which was seeking extradition to face corruption charges. While his extradition proceedings he lived in a luxury home near Buckingham Palace. His extradition was denied and he was granted asylum in Belgium.

This is one of the many ways that Assange has been tortured for exposing U.S. and U.K. war crimes. No one was ever arrested or reprimanded for said war crimes.

Assange’s home country of Australia voted last week to demand his release after over a decade of ostrich syndrome in this case. Way to wake up, Australian lawmakers!! Better late than never, right?

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