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The Princess Kate Mystery Continues

The British monarchy released a video of Kate Middleton admitting that she is being treated for cancer. This may explain her absence from public life but it does not explain all of the trickery as of late.

It does not explain why the palace “confirmed” that she did not have cancer. It does not explain why the press told us that she was “healthy and happy” after a “sighting” last weekend. Who was that person? It does not explain why we can’t see the unedited version of the Mother’s Day photo. It does not explain why the two “sightings” of her recently were clearly different women yet those doppelgängers were seen with her mother and husband. Why did they do all of that when they could have told us the truth?

And is the video statement legitimate? Some say it looks suspicious, especially because the blue wedding ring that once belonged to Princess Diana disappears in one frame. That can happen with low-resolution video but if the BBC took two weeks to produce this video, why would they use low-resolution equipment in the year 2024? The princess also does not appear to have her signature mole and her hair and blowout are similar to an old video she did about mental health.

This is not about whether or not the princess deserves privacy. Of course she does! This is about why the palace and the media keep lying so badly! If this is indeed more lying, it would serve that the public should show real concern for her and her children, not less!

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