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The Royal Mystery

The conspiracy around Kate Middleton is…taking up too much of my time. What are they hiding? There is a reason that this is important and it is not just palace intrigue. The public is being asked to buy an image and a story that is clearly not true.

Last weekend was Mother’s Day in the U.K. The Instagram account for the Princess of Wales published this heavily-altered image. It was comical how poorly it was done so the royal X account posted on behalf of the Princess taking the blame for amateur Photoshopping. This only fed into even more theories as to why. Here are a few:

– The Princess is dead, either from illness or a mysterious Diana-like death, and this is an old photo;

– The Princess is in a coma.

– The Princess is pregnant with an illegitimate child of family friend Thomas Kingston who allegedly committed suicide by giving himself a terrible head injury?

– This was taken late last year and the outfits altered;

– This was from an old Vogue cover;

The Princess has not been seen in public since Christmas Day, although the media reported that she was photographed in a car last week.

The question is WHY? Given that Palace motto to “never explain,” why are they explaining with inconsistent explanations? Why won’t they just send her out to the park with a dog? Why would such a comically bad image be published given how carefully curated their image is? Why hasn’t she shown her face publicly? Why does every attempt at an explanation only make this worse?

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