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The Royal Mystery

Does this photo help you feel that all is well with Princess Kate? This photo was posted on social media to honor the 6th birthday of the youngest child of Kate and William, Prince Louis. Every year the social media for the royal couple posts Happy Birthday images of the children. We would be worried if they didn’t today, especially in light of the strange behavior of the palace all year.

Well they did post an image, only the young prince is clearly wearing the same shirt as the Mother’s Day image that the palace admitted was heavily edited. And his tooth has not grown in in the six weeks in between and he has the same chapped lips. Does he only have one shirt? Do they not have any vaseline at the palace?

What do you think, is this something or nothing? Does this help answer for all of the missing answers since the Princess disappeared? Is she in fact suffering from cancer or is something more sinister being hidden from the public?

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