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The Trouble With Masks

new study shows that face masks are not proven to prevent viral infections and carry possible harm to those who wear them.

The peer-reviewed study from German researchers shows possible toxicity when wearing masks due to constant exposure to carbon dioxide. When humans breathe fresh air, they are exposed to 0.04% CO2. When wearing a mask, they are exposed to anywhere between 1.41 to 3.2% CO2. This constant exposure to a gas that we are not meant to breathe at great concentration and length may have some negative consequences such as testicular dysfunction, stillbirths, reduced motor and verbal skills for children and overall cognitive decline for children born during the pandemic.

The authors are not saying that masks cause these things. They are saying that they can prove a relation between those things and masking mandates. They also conducted a thorough review of current studies on mask efficacy and show that there never has been solid data to show that masks prevent viral transmission.

And yet masks were mandated for so many children. In one study, “masks frequently led to breathing problems in 100 school children between 8 and 11 years of age, especially during physical exertion.”

The study shows that the medical community has long since known about the dangers of prolonged CO2 exposure.

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