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The U.N. Wants You To Stop Eating Meat

The United Nations is set to release a plan to call on the West to “dramatically reduce its meat consumption.” They are doing this under the guise of climate emissions, even though most data shows that meat consumption is not linked to higher climate emissions when compared to other diets.

The UN is expected to release this plan this week at the COP28 climate conference in Dubai. UN officials have long blamed climate on meat producers. Christiana Figueres, a global climate campaigner and former leader of the United Nation’s climate change body, once said that restaurants should treat carnivores in the same way as smokers and ask them to eat outside.

U.S. farmers only produce about 1.4% of global emissions and some studies show that meatless diets have a higher emission count due to the industry-heavy production of seed oils and processed meatless products. So why is the UN doing this?

Why indeed? That is a relevant question about a lot of what the U.N. does.

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