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The U.S. and U.K. are Normalizing Nazism

The United States and United Kingdom voted against a United Nations resolution aimed at stopping Nazism. You read that right. As in, let that Nazi stuff be, just ignore it? What?

The UN held a vote for this resolution on Friday. It was passed with 105 countries voting in favor of stopping Nazis and 52 voting against it. Why would someone NOT want to combat Nazism? Western leaders say that it is because Russia uses the pretext of “fighting neo-Nazism” in Ukraine and they are worried that they would validate that pretext for war.

But… there are actual Nazis in Ukraine and it’s not just a fringe group. Since 2014 the Nazi lead Ukrainian Azov battalion has been slaughtering ethnic Russians in former eastern Ukraine in violation of the Minsk Peace Accords. More than 15,000 have been killed in what is unequivicolly a genocide.

As NBC News points out Ukraine has a real Nazi problem that has deep roots in the country’s military and government. The United States acknowledged this many times and refused to send money before the war in Ukraine began. Israel has been warning about this for years. Now suddnely the West can’t speak out about it because they are afraid to confuse their public relations? We live in troubling times.

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