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The U.S. Is Sitting On A Mountain of Resources

The U.S. is starting to think seriously about mining its own resources. Imagine that!

The Department of Energy is looking for bids for uranium mining in Wyoming, and the Pentagon is looking into deep-sea mining for cobalt and manganese.

The U.S. uses those minerals but doesn’t mine them itself because it all got caught up in politics and litigation. But that could all be thrown out if the nation were to get serious.

Republicans have asked the Pentagon to consider seabed mining as a “vector of competition with China for resource superiority and security.” But at what consequence to the sea? We don’t really know yet. We do know that the U.S. could mine these resources on land but again, if not for that pesky litigation.

The Department of Energy is seeking bids for domestic uranium plants, which are essential in nuclear power plants. Could this be an indication that the U.S. will re-think closing nuclear power plants which are both cleaner and safer than any other form of energy known to man?

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