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The WHO’s Pandemic Treaty Gets Closer

Last week world leaders moved closer to a Pandemic Treaty that would hand sovereign power to the unelected World Health Organization.

This is the treaty we’ve been warning about. It will give the WHO the power to supersede your country’s government and their laws about pandemic rules and allow the WHO to set their own. They will dictate pandemics, lockdowns, vaccines, masking, and more. It will also let them track and monitor you, define “infodemics” where they think that concepts, even true concepts, are dangerous.

Last week was the UN General Assembly. World leaders voted to pass a political declaration on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response.

Recently, an American doctor, Dr. Meryl Nass warned about this in a European Union Parliamentary meeting. She has been labeled as an extremist for this but we’ve shown you screenshots in the WHO treaties that say EXACTLY what she’s saying. If you don’t believe us, read them for yourself. Start with edits to the WHO International Health Regulations, made this year to prepare for the Pandemic Treaty. Note how “non-binding” is crossed out. That oughta tell you all you need to know, despite the Associated Press telling you that this is all conspiracy theory. Who are they protecting?

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