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The Woke Word Police Are Back

The word “homosexual” is “considered derogatory and offensive,” according to the woke army. What is wrong with the word homosexual? It requires biological sex and biological sex is offensive to trans activists.

This comes from the latest GLAAD Media Reference Guide. It is an attempt to remove biological sex from the paradigm of sexuality altogether. And yet gayness requires biological sex to exist! Thus more proof that the trans movement is anti-gay at its core but has hijacked the gay rights movement in a Trojan horse.

And while “homosexual” is offensive, GLAAD says that “cisgender” is totally fine, the word used to describe non transgender people. Most non transgender people (myself included) do not like or identify with word but GLAAD thinks it’s fine to force it on us.

The guide also advises the media to avoid any of the following terms because they “oversimplify a complex subject and are often used by anti-transgender activists to inaccurately imply that a trans person is not who they say they are”: “born a man,” “born a woman,” “biologically male,” “biologically female,” “biological boy,” “biological girl,” “genetically male,” “genetically female.”

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