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Time to Talk Taxes

The Biden administration wants to put electronic tags on all bison and cattle that moves between state lines. Why?

They say it is to trace possible disease or track the food supply but those who oppose the bill say that this is a “a solution in search of a problem that will advance a federal mandate which the American ranching community will have to pay for.” A group of lawmakers have introduced legislation to block this and they say that “there is nothing wrong with our traditional disease traceability system. This unfunded mandate raises serious privacy concerns for ranchers and their herds, with the potential to lock ranchers out of their traditional markets, thereby furthering vertical integration of the U.S. food supply chain.”

One of the more concerning outcomes of this legislation is that it would mean that “the government will know where every animal is and who owns it,” according to Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie.

Don’t be surprised if the government uses the possible bird flu “pandemic” to justify this.

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