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Trading Hostages

Israel and Hamas continue to release hostages during the ceasefire, which Israel says will not extend beyond this upcoming weekend.

Hamas released 12 hostages that include 10 Israelis and 2 Thai citizens. That brings the total to 81 released hostages from Hamas. All of them were kidnapped on October 7 during the attack on Tel Aviv.

Israel released 30 Palestinian hostages. That brings the total to 147 released hostages from Israel. Israel regularly uses “administrative detention” tactics to hold hostages without charge or trial for up to six months or longer. Many of those released thus far were women and teenage boys.

The U.S. and other Israeli allies have begun calling for a “two-state solution” to end this conflict. That means that Palestinians get a country, which they currently do not have. This has long-since been the one thing that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said will not happen on his watch. But how much longer will “his watch” last? Calls for his resignation have grown louder inside and outside of Israel.

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