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Trump Facing Yet Another Indictment?

Will Donald Trump face a fourth indictment this week? A grand jury will meet in Georgia this week to decide if the former President broke the law over accusations that he asked election officials to “find” new votes to overturn his defeat in the state.

This case involves calls to Georgie’s secretary of state Brad Raffensperger. Prosecutors also say that they have texts and emails that link the Trump team to attempts to breach the voting software in Coffee County.

This would be the fourth indictment for the President this year alone. The first related to campaign finance violations over alleged hush money to Stormy Daniels. The second was in Floriday over alleged illegal retention of classified documents. The third was also related to the campaign include a charge of conspiracy to obstruct the certification of President Biden’s win.

And yet, the Trump campaign keeps going. Last week he joked that he only needs “one more indictment to close out this election. One more indictment, and this election is closed out.” By this he means that the government is pushing his voters more solidly into his corner.

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