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Trump Gets His Wish

Former President Trump won a major victory in his battle against the Justice Department on Monday. This pertains to the FBI raid on his home in search of classified documents.

The President’s legal team was seeking a special investigator to act as a neutral party between the Justice Department and the President, reviewing the documents before the Justice Department can. This request was granted by a judge in Florida.

The judge ruled that Trump could assert attorney-client privilege over many of the documents AND that he could assert executive privilege over others. Executive privilege means that he could claim that he had presidential authority to shield certain conversations with his aides. The government had specifically moved to prevent executive privilege from applying in this case.

So…who will this special investigator be? Remember the days when we all debated the merits of Robert Mueller? Prepare for that to happen again! The Justice Department and the former President’s legal team must submit a list of names for the job by September 9.

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