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Trump Verdict

Former President Trump’s guilty verdict in his hush money trial rocked the world this weekend and will continue to play out before and after the upcoming election. His lawyers will continue to fight for an appeal and mistrial while the Biden camp uses the verdict to their advantage.

But who can argue that this was not politics? The trial was full of inconsistencies and the verdict pertained to his use of a payment to influence his 2016 Presidential campaign with information. Hillary Clinton did the same in that 2016 election and she was fined $8,000. That’s it. Slap on the wrist.

What did she do? She funded the Steele Dossier as “legal services,” which it clearly was NOT. It was a packet full of lies that put the country through lengthy Russiagate investigations for years to come. It manipulated the voters!

Her campaign was also based in New York, which would put her squarely in the jurisdiction of the same people who went after Donald Trump.

Should neither of them be punished or should both of them? What do you think?

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