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Trump’s “Bloodbath” Weekend

The dishonest corporate media had a field day twisting President Trump’s words this weekend. During a campaign speech in Vandalia, Ohio, the former President told supporters that the American automobile industry will be a bloodbath if he’s not re-elected. He went on to explain that the Biden  administration will allow Chinese cars to flood the market, causing said “bloodbath.”

For context the dictionary definition of bloodbath: a period of disastrous loss or reversal, a major economic disaster.

But context didn’t matter and almost immediately the corporate media outlets such as NBC News, ABC News, and Politico, took Trump’s speech entirely out of context. They ran headlines saying that Trump warns a “bloodbath” if he’s not re-elected. President Biden denounced the comments immediately calling it a “threat of political violence.” Nancy Pelosi did the same on CNN.

Republicans, including former Vice President Mike Pence who has declined to endorse Trump, say that the language was clearly about the economy. The U.S. economy HAS been a proverbial bloodbath since President Biden took office.

The Justice Department used even shakier language to indict Trump for his role during the January 6 capitol protests. He is facing indictment for exhorting his followers to “fight like hell” against the 2020 election results. Will they make a case out of this “bloodbath” rhetoric too, claiming it is an exultation of violence? You just never know these days.

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