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Trump’s Special Master

A special master has been appointed to serve on the case involving the raid on former President Trump’s home. Meet Raymond Dearie.

The Trump team proposed Judge Dearie and the Justice Department approved. He is *relatively* uncontroversial and well-respected. Of course, the cable networks may drag up people who think differently but it is telling that both sides in this legal battle approved of him.

He was one of the judges who approved the investigation on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. The search warrants on Page were later declared invalid because of mistakes and omissions by the FBI. Dearie served on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, or FISA. In this case, that is certainly relevant.

The judge who approved Dearie also ruled that the Justice Department cannot continue looking through the documents they took. They also ruled that Trump’s team should get a copy of most of the documents they took, save 100 that they think are at the heart of their case. The Justice Department reportedly plans to appeal this ruling.

This seems like a win in the Trump corner, although an expensive one. He will be sent the bill for Judge Dearie’s time although the hourly rate has not been reported. I assure you it won’t be cheap.

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