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Tucker Goes to Moscow, CNN Meltsdown

Tucker Carlson confirmed that he will be publishing an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the interview will be published uncensored on X, per a promise from Elon Musk.

In his announcement, he points out how the West has not been able to hear about this war from both sides and that we should be able to hear everything about a war that is destroying lives and economies. How could anyone refute that, I thought to myself upon watching this. And then the media proceeded to surprise me once again with their creativity to promote ignorance.

CNN’s Erin Burnett said that Putin courting the MAGA GOP by meeting with Carlson. Why exactly would he care to do that when Russia is winning the war against Ukraine, even with the crappy weapons the West sends? She doesn’t say.

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour said that Carlson is not the only journalist trying to interview President Putin. She says that she’s been asking for years.

This interview stands to be a biggie. That goes without saying. Will it help break down the lie that the war in Ukraine is “unprovoked” and based on the “whim of a madman” that is Putin? It very well could. But it will also show transparently who is for diversity of thought and who is afraid of it.

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