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Twitter and the FBI sitting in a tree

Another round of Twitter files this weekend told us more of what we are starting to accept as truth: The FBI and other government agencies worked oh-so-cozily with Twitter to censor speech of mostly Republican-leaning users.

Both Twitter and the government had very inconsistent rules around who should be punished based on political alignment and the documents showed that they concerned themselves with even people with very low follower counts.

In documents published Sunday, a senior executive corresponds with an FBI agent about foreign intelligence, which the FBI usually does not deal with. The senior executive circulates the note in confusion because he feels that Twitter has been compliant with government agendas. He says and italysizes “we’ve been clear that official state propaganda is definitely a thing on Twitter.”

Someone from the FBI responded to these files on Friday saying that the FBI regularly engages with private companies in order to identify “foreign malign influence characters.”

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