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U.K. Creating ‘Citizen Army’

The United Kingdom could trick students on a gap year into the “citizen army” with a new plan. According to The Daily Mail, “Outgoing Chief of the General Staff General Sir Patrick Sanders has reportedly suggested the idea of a course over the summer holidays which gives young adults a taste of serving in the military.”

Over the last week, citizens in the U.K. have been warned about a need for a draft for a war with Russia due to low military enrollment. Another way to boost enrollment would be this month-long boot camp after students finish their primary education to give them “a taste” of serving in the military. But could that be a Hotel California situation that “you can never leave”?

The worry is that this month-long military summer camp would make these young people technically former members of the military. If so, The Daily Mail says that this would give the Defense Secretary “powers to recall former members of the armed forces in the case of a ‘great emergency’ or times where the nation is at risk under a policy called ‘reserve liability’.”

So is it simply a “try it out” fun camp or is this a trick to get young people into the military?

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