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U.K. Schools Go To The Moon

A student in the U.K. identifies as a moon, according to an investigation by The TelegraphA moon. Not necessarily our moon.

Another identifies as a horse, and another insists on being addressed as a dinosaur. This all sounds fine to me. My son wore a superhero cape every day of preschool and insisted he was Bruce Wayne. My daughter wanted to sleep on a rocky crag in a river one night because she said she was Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

The problem is when we equate this with gender ideology and keep it going through the 8th grade.

One student in the 8th grade was told that she would be punished if she did not go along with her classmate identifying as a cat. She was reprimanded for telling the student, “You’re a girl” to which the teacher said, “Where did you get this idea from that there are only two genders?” Is cat a gender now?? This school now faces a government investigation. The Education Secretary told teachers that “they should not be teaching children that they can identify as cats or other animals.” The highest academic excellence there!

This highlights an uncomfortable bit of gender ideology. Is one person’s need to identify as something greater than another person’s need to call it as they see it? Gender ideology requires that everyone play along and not everyone wants to play after preschool.

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