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U.N. Thinks There Are More Than Two Genders

The United Nations may downrank the United Kingdom from the Human Rights Council because the U.K. government wants to define gender as biological sex.

This stems from an investigation of the U.K.’s Equalities and Human Rights Commission. The government agency’s leader, Baroness Falkner, was investigated earlier this year for a report that suggests the government define gender as biological sex. The report makes this suggestion in order to protect the rights of women but she was accused of being transphobic for this and another unsubstantiated remark.

The discredited trans lobbying group Stonewall, itself under investigation, continues to go after the EHRC and has now asked the U.N. to strip the group of its “A status,” which would mean that Britain would not have a place at the table of the UN Human Rights Council and other UN bodies. It would also mean that “countries like Iraq, Qatar, Colombia, The Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zimbabwe would have more standing on globalist body’s Human Rights Council.”

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