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U.S. Approves More Money For War

Ukraine shelled a bakery in Luhansk on Sunday, killing at least 28 people. This is the territory that Ukraine is trying to “get back.” The same territory that they’ve been torturing for a decade.

According to Reuters, this murder was done “with U.S.-supplied High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS).”

And the U.S. is about to supply them with more. The Senate unveiled a massive “bipartisan” $118 billion spending bill on Friday which includes $60 billion in aid to Ukraine, $14 billion for Israel, $4 billion for anyone who is fighting China, and more utter nonsense.

Why would Congress do this if Ukraine keeps attacking civilians? Do they not know? This is the second major civilian attack in 2024 by the Ukrainian army. As Antiwar puts it, “Ukrainian attacks inside Russian-controlled Ukraine and inside Russian territory have increased as it has become clear that Ukrainian forces can’t gain any territory.”

House Speaker Mike Johnson has said he would not vote for this spending bill but instead bring a stand-alone bill for aid to just Israel. They too are harming civilians. Israeli news site Haaretz reports that at least 11,500 children have been killed in the Israeli response to the October 7 attacks. “A child killed every 15 minutes, one out of every 100 children in Gaza.”

This weekend Russian President Putin called Gaza the largest child cemetery in the world.

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