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U.S. Media Are Finally Waking Up To The Truth in Ukraine

The Wall Street Journal is now admitting that Ukraine is forcibly conscripting men into the military to fight against Russia. This is something we’ve been reporting for months but the Western media has been silent about as it has enabled continued support to the war.

Earlier this week the New York Times woke up to this reality too.

The WSJ reports that a man called Dubok in his late 40s went to get a haircut and was thrown into a car to be sent to the military.

“A combination of corruption, exemptions and political caution has protected much of Ukraine’s urban middle class against having to fight in the cold and muddy trenches. On the long front line, a disproportionate share of draftees are middle-aged men like Dubok. Often they are from villages and small towns and were too poor to buy their way out.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the military needs 500,000 more troops. Where will they come from? He didn’t say.

Is this the democracy that the West wants to support? Reminder: They are fighting to regain control of the Donbas region which voted to join Russia and asked Russia to protect them against the continued attacks on those regions which began in 2014. It was never, as the Journal calls it, a “full-blown invasion.”

Still Zelensky refuses any serious peace negotiations with Russia and Zelensky makes less and less sense with every passing day.

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