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U.S. Readies for War Against China

The U.S. Navy is preparing to fight China over Taiwan. Even though the United States’ official policy is that there is one China, which includes Taiwan. You’re in good company if you think that doesn’t make sense.

China warned that it will be strengthening its military and that it now has full control over Hong Kong and that full control of Taiwan is next on the country’s to-do list. The U.S. does not want that and seems prepared to fight to prevent it. President Biden said as much on 60 Minutes last month, even though the White House walked that back a few hours later.

Now Nikkei Asia is reporting that the U.S. is in talks to co-produce weapons with Taiwan in order to “increase capacity for U.S.-designed arms, speed their transfer and strengthen deterrence towards China.”

How do we think China will take that? What’s that about a One China policy again?

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