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U.S. Stops Sending Bombs to Israel… Really?

Axios reports that the U.S. has stopped shipping weapons to Israel but Israeli officials say that they have heard no such thing.

An Israeli official told Ynet: “The stream of security shipments from the U.S. to Israel is ongoing. While individual shipments might be delayed, the overall flow remains uninterrupted, and we are not aware of any policy suspending it.”

The Axios report posits that the Biden administration is concerned with Israel’s planned invasion of Rafah. They’re not. That invasion could start this week. The Israeli army began ordering evacuations just today to what they say is a humanitarian zone that “includes field hospitals, tents and increased amounts of food, water, medication and additional supplies.”

Meanwhile the U.N’s World Food Programme spokesperson Cindy McCain says that Gaza is in “full blown famine.” Journalists in Rafah confirm that aid is not flowing to starving people.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that he may agree to a ceasefire for hostage exchange but the military will not stop pursuing Hamas.

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