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Ukraine Admits They Cannot “Win”

Ukraine cannot “win” and they know it. French magazine Marianne was given access to “”several confidential defense reports” from the French army on the war and it is damning.

French soldiers told the magazine this: “We must not deceive ourselves, in the face of the Russians, we are an army of butts!”

Clearly the French do not want to be sent to join the Ukrainians in their defeat, even though President Emmanuel Macron said that he does not rule out the possibility.

The report shows that the Ukrainian army is ill trained, ill equipped and ill staffed. One translation of this article says this: “Zelensky would need 35,000 men per month, he’s not recruiting half of that, while Putin draws from a pool of 30,000 volunteers per month,” observes a military officer returned from Kiev. In terms of equipment, the balance is just as unbalanced: the failed offensive of 2023 “tactically destroyed” half of Kiev’s 12 combat brigades.”

So peace talks then? Peace talks so no one else has to die.

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