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Ukraine Caught Bombing Civilians Again

The New York Times concluded that a strike on a civilian market earlier this month was done by Ukraine. This is the strike that Ukrainian President Zelensky and Western media rushed to blame on Russia.

The strike in the Donbas killed at least 15 people. The Donbas has been in Russian control for over a year. Zelensky called the attack “the audacity of evil.”

The West immediately blamed Russia for this but the New York Times actually investigated it. They analyzed missile fragments, satellite imagery, witness accounts, and social media posts. They noted that Ukrainian authorities tried to prevent journalists from accessing the impact site but they ultimately concluded that the attack was a “tragic mishap.”

As in: “Oops, we accidentally bombed a civilian area.”

How many of these civilian attacks will Ukraine get to keep blaming on Russia? We are losing count. Do you think Congress will push him on this when he visits Washington this week?

Meanwhile, Ukraine says that it will sue Poland, Hungary and Slovakia over their ban on Ukrainian agriculture. The three countries have said that they have to do this to protect their own farmers but Ukraine will take them to court in the World Trade Organization.

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