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Ukraine Goes Underground

Ukraine is digging in, literally. The Wall Street Journal reports that in the absence of taking back any territory in Eastern Ukraine, the military is digging trenches and building fortresses.

“President Volodymyr Zelensky called for accelerated construction and urged private companies and donors to get involved,” the Journal reports. They are calling for $800 million for this purpose.

This doesn’t look like a very good investment when you consider the rate at which Russia is destroying Ukrainian military aid. Watch these U.S.-supplied HIMARS go up in smoke. And these U.S.-supplied Abrams tanks too.

Bloomberg is reporting that President Biden is considering sending money from the U.S. Army to Ukraine in the absence of more congressionally-approved funds.

The Russian Defense Ministry says that it took four months for them to gain 5.6 miles of territory and now they have gained three more miles in just the last week alone. Now is as good a time as ever to revisit that peace treaty and stop the fighting!

More sources, including the Wall Street Journal, have now confirmed that the peace treaty did exist in the spring of 2022 and that it was tanked by the West because they favored continuing the war.

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