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Ukraine Grasping At Straws

Ukraine admitted to using U.S. missiles to target Crimea on Monday. This is Russian territory that was annexed from Ukraine by vote in 2014.

Russia’s defense ministry claimed it had shot down at least eight Storm Shadow missiles over Crimea.

U.S. President Biden promised that Ukraine would not use U.S. weapons to attack inside Russian borders but that promise is repeatedly broken. Why? Is it because Ukraine needs a fast escalation to turn international heads away from Israel and back to Zelensky? If this Time Magazine article is any indication, that might be true.

Ukrainian President Zelensky’s aides told TIME that “he deludes himself.” He continued “We’re out of options. We’re not winning. But try telling him that.”

While he continues illusions of victory, people will continue to die because he refuses to step up to a peace agreement.

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