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Ukraine Lauches Second Terror Attack Against Crimean Bridge

Ukraine and NATO attacked a bridge between Russia and Crimea today. This is the same bridge that was attacked last October by Ukraine.

According to Russia, a married couple were killed in the terror attack and a young girl was injured.

The attack on Monday came from underwater drone strikes run by the SBU, a unit of Ukraine’s military. These NATO provided sea based drones were launched around 3 AM. Ukraine immediately took credit for the terror attack by telling the BBC “yep it was us.” According to RT, “Andrey Yusov, a spokesman for Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence, described the Crimean Bridge as a ‘redundant construction,’ but refused to elaborate.”

Why would Ukraine be attacking Crimea when the counteroffensive is nowhere near there? Crimea voted to join Russia in 2014 because of threats by the SBU.

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