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Ukraine Offers To Attack Iran and Syria

Ukraine is offering to attack Iran and Syria along with its plea to attack Russia with long-range missiles, according to The Guardian. In their continued plea for long-range missiles, Ukraine says that if they get them, they’ll attack other countries that the West doesn’t like. It’s like a two-fer!

Ukraine says that drones from Russia were provided by Iran but have European components. They say that they can take those factories out if they have more weapons.

The Ukrainian government document is called “Barrage deaths: report on Shahed-136/131 UAVs.” Moscow has denied using Iranian drones and the U.S. recently admitted that Russia is not having a problem making its own weapons. So would they rely on this new intelligence from Ukraine as a tactic to authorize them to strike Iran when the U.S. is so desperate to re-negotiate the nuclear treaty? Let’s hope not given that NATO specialist Jaques Baud reported that Ukrainians are using Google Translate to figure out how to use the weapons that the West is currently sending.

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