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Ukraine Said What?

Ukraine says that they are killing more Russian soldiers than you think. This was reported by The Economist, apparently from “leaked documents from the U.S. Defense Department.”


Ukraine told the State Department that “between 462,000 and 728,000 Russian soldiers were killed, injured, or captured by mid-June.” That’s funny because that’s more than Russia ever deployed. It is also strange given that in 2023, Ukraine said that Russia had only lost 250,000 soldiers, so how did they double the death toll while losing the war?

In other words: Ukraine lies. Still, President Biden said that Ukraine is a priority in his congratulatory call with new British Prime Minister Keir Starmer. The West doesn’t care that they lie.

Ukraine now says that they’d like the West to provide them with submarines. Which are apparently easy to drive with no experience and training.

“We are thinking about it, submarines are necessary for us, they should be part of the navy,” Navy chief Admiral Aleksey Neizhpapa said over the weekend.

We gave it some thought, we’d like some submarines please. Why not?

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