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Ukraine Vows More Drone Attacks on Moscow

Ukraine did launch drone attacks in Moscow and will do more of that, a Ukrainian military intelligence spokesperson said on Monday.

President Joe Biden has promised that the weapons it sends to Ukraine will not be used inside of Russian borders but Ukraine did not make that promise.

On Monday, Russia said that it thwarted drone attacks in Moscow and called the move terrorism. Here is what Ukraine had to say about it:

“The strikes on the key facilities of Russia’s security sector located in Moscow testify to the fact that the Putin regime is unable to fully control the sky even for the protection of the most important facilities,” spokesman Andriy Yusov told the Kyiv Post. “Obviously, this situation will continue and increase in scale.”

This is the evolution of the promised counteroffensive. That was a bust and Ukraine gained no ground but lost 26,000 lives. Now Ukraine has to use those weapons as a hit and run, provoking Russia further.

And yet the stream of weapons continues from the U.S. The Associated Press reports that a new $400 million aid package will be announced today and is reported to include 32 Stryker armored fighting vehicles, “howitzer artillery rounds, Hydra-70 rockets, surveillance Hornet drones, HIMARS and NASAMS missiles as well as Stingers and Javelins. Additionally, the US will provide about 28 million rounds of small arms ammunition.”

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