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Ukraine’s Counter Offensive has “Failed Completely” – Putin

Russia says that it considers Ukraine’s counteroffensive over. That NATO counteroffensive has cost over 90,000 lives and pretty much no one ever thought it would succeed in regaining territory. It’s a tragic story about so much loss.

Russian ambassador to the United Nations, Vassily Nebenzia, said this to the Security Council on Friday: “For several days now, Russian troops have switched to combat operations, practically along the entire front line. Therefore, we can consider the so-called Ukrainian counteroffensive formally over.”

Nebenzia says that they are not opposed to “the armed forces of Ukraine.” They are still opposed to NATO and the “criminal neo-Nazi regime of [Vladimir] Zelensky.”

Ukraine has not been able to account for the counteroffensive recently, which is why President Zelensky has been trying to regain internationally attention after losing the stage to the conflict in Israel. Last week he had a speech to European parliament canceledand an invitation to tour Israel on a “solidarity tour” declined. He tried to blame Russia for the attack on Israel but even Israel rejected that. Israel’s ambassador to Moscow, Alexander Ben Zvi, rejected the allegations that Russia had anything to do with it as “complete nonsense.”

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