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Ukraine’s Lost Weapons

I can’t seem to find my anti-tank missile. Have you seen it?

A new audit by the U.S. Department of Defense finds over $1 billions dollars in American weapons are lost in Ukraine.  Gone, vanished, poof!

The weapons in question were specifically meant to be tracked like pigeons with a tag. In fact, the Pentagon originally designated this batch with what they call “enhanced end-use monitoring” so Ukraine could keep track of them. They did not.

The missing U.S. weapons include: 

  • night-vision equipment
  • anti-tank missiles
  • attack drones
  • and small-diameter bombs.

The audit says these monitoring procedures are being ignored due to logistical failures and staff shortages. According to reports presented to the United Nations over 20% of U.S. weapons sent to Ukraine were sold on the black market.

Congress is set to approve another $60 billion in aid and weapons to Ukraine.

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