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United Nations to Create The ‘Internet of Trust’

UNESCO released a plan to combat “misinformation” by creating what it calls the “Internet of Trust.” If you think it sounds Orwellian, you’re not alone.

UNESCO stands for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It is a specialized agency of the United Nations established with the goal of promoting world peace and security through international cooperation in the fields of education, the sciences, and culture. If you think that sounds broad, you’re also not alone. That broad job description gives them access to ring in on just about every aspect of human life.

The report claims to safeguard free speech while figuring out how to censor it. They claim to need to create this Internet of Trust in order to deal with “dis- and misinformation, hate speech, and conspiracy theories.”

What they suggest is an international standard for speech censorship which would apply to every UN member state, regardless of its sovereignty. This would include “online moderators” in all languages. Who will pay these moderators? Who will decide the parameters for moderation?

The document also suggests a need for “election integrity.” How will they decide what information is shared during open and free elections?

Obviously there are too many problems with this idea to count but we tried. Watch our segment about this from Monday’s live broadcast of Redacted.

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