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Vaccine Mandates Ruled Unconstitutional Down Under

The Supreme Court in Australia ruled that vaccine mandates were unconstitutional. The judge ruled that the December 2021 mandates were unlawful under the Human Rights Act and banned the government from further enforcing them.

This comes as nurses in Queensland are still being fired for refusing the vaccine even after the mandates were lifted. These nurses are continuing to litigate and this new ruling gives their cases more teeth. They have been told that they are being let go based on no mandates in place but the nurses can request their jobs back.

Australian politician Pauline Hanson put forward a bill to prevent vaccine mandates during the pandemic and her colleagues refused to support her. She said this about the court ruling this week: “You all got it wrong! I am vindicated once again that I got things right and I’m in tune with the Australian people.” The video is worth watching. She’s so pissed that she’s positively shaking.

Australian government agencies are about to be hit with a slew of litigation over this!

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