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Want to Swap Your Genitals?

A Serbian doctor says that he is this close to what he calls “genital-swap surgery.”

A genital swap is when two people of the opposite sex surgically switch genitals to “affirm” their gender identity. Dr Miroslav Djordjevic who works both in New York City and Serbia, says he’s been working on this for 15 years and that he’s almost ready to start offering this “service.”

“The final approach will be to transplant the penis,” he says. “This is my main goal, goal of my career. And I hope that this future started yesterday.”

Imagine this being your main goal in life. 

Currently, sex change surgeries involve a surgeon creating a prosthetic version of the opposite sex genitals from other parts of the body. Dr. Djordjevic says that this is a waste because the removed parts are just “put in the garbage.” He wants to upcycle them onto a person who wants them. A tit for tat, if you will.

At least one doctor, Dr. Robert Cykiert,  admits that this procedure carries “very significant high risks for the patients who are trading their genitalia.”

Given that you are operating on an area that excretes poop and pee, the infection rate is very high due to all the bacteria in that area. There is also a chance that the body rejects the new sex organs so patients have to be on immunosuppressants for an extended amount of time.

“These medications put patients at high risk of getting severe infections, cancers of various types, and other serious, chronic medical problems,” Dr Cykiert said.

So, who’s going first!?

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