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War in The Middle East

War in the Middle East continues to escalate. On Monday, Iran claimed responsibility for attacks in Syria and Iraq. Iran says that they are targeting ISIS after ISIS admitted to attacks in Kerman and Rask.

“In response to the recent crimes of the terrorist groups that unjustly martyred a group of our dear compatriots in Kerman and Rask, we have identified gathering places of commanders and elements of ISIS-related to recent terrorist operations in the occupied territories of Syria and destroyed them by firing a number of ballistic missiles,” the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said.

Iran added that they are also targeting “one of the main espionage headquarters of the Zionist regime [Mossad] in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.”

The attacks were close a U.S. base but the U.S. was not a target.

An Iraqi official claims that civilians were killed in this attack, including four family members of a local businessman.

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