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Was Alex Jones Right About Gay Frogs?

Alex Jones is trending because of his whole “gay frogs” bit. Sigh. Okay, let’s take this one on.

Democratic Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said in an interview that atrazine in water can alter the sex of frogs and that this exposure in young people should be a cause for concern. This has caused some to toss him in the “crazy pile” along with Alex Jones for saying that toxins in water could turn frogs gay.

But in fact, endocrine disruptors in water supplies CAN interfere with biological sex in some species.

In a University of Arizona study, fish immersed in water from a treatment plant had altered genes and five times more hormones of the opposite sex than their own. Scientists from the Potomac River found that smallmouth bass were “intersex” fish with males producing immature eggs in their testes. Water supply lawyer Robert Glennon says that this connection in humans is yet to be proven but “a profound concern.”

That is what RFK Jr. is suggesting. He does not say that chemicals in water are turning anyone transgender or gay. He is saying that this observation in some species should cause us concern for our own.

Opponents of RFK Jr. are now trying to toss him out as crazy too. What do you think? Is this crazy, or should we maybe give some thought to toxins in our water?

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