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We Came To Lecture You

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken was reportedly offended by this video of Chinese President Xi Jinping clearly not looking forward to meeting with the American diplomat. It is indicative of how well the meeting went.

The American diplomat came to town to lecture China about doing business with Russia. It was a brazen and doomed mission from the get go.

In the video, the Chinese President asks his aide, “When will he leave?” The aide says, “Tonight,” to which the President says, “Good.”

It was not like “Oh good, I hope he travels safely and has enjoyed his time here.” Oh no. It was more like, “Good, I’ll be happy to bid farewell to that pedantic fool.”

Blinken now says that the U.S. will increase pressure on China with sanctions and that the U.S. has evidence that China is interfering with U.S. elections. That evidence, he says, is “generally speaking.” He offered no evidence.

Blinken now heads to the Middle East this week to try to broker a ceasefire in Gaza.

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