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West Using Nalvany Death To Push Regime Change

The European Union says that it will support regime change in Russia by supporting the widow of Alexei Navalny, Yulia Navalnaya.

Navalnaya says that she is going to pick up the opposition to the Putin administration now that her husband has died in prison. She claims that he was poisoned by Novichok, the same substance that his supporters say he was exposed to in 2020. Watch our video here to learn the truth about Novichok and how little proof there was that this happened then. But much of the world bought the Novichok story so, why not play it on repeat?

Russia does not make Novichok. Ukraine has some though. That’s weird, right?

The Kremlin says that it is not involved in the investigation of Navalny’s death.

Imagine for a moment that Russia were saying that it would support an opposition to the U.S. president. Yet that is what the EU and the US are now saying with Navalnaya.

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