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What Did The FDA Know?

Last week, Health Canada admitted that the Pfizer Covid vaccine contained DNA sequence of SV-40. That is the Simian Virus, which was the fortieth monkey virus that had been identified in the 1960s.

The FDA and the CDC have not said whether or not it knew that SV-40 was in the Covid vaccines. This is important for a few reasons. 

The first reason is that we don’t know how dangerous SV-40 can be. In the 1960s, an NIH researcher named Bernice Eddy found that hamsters who were injected with the Salk polio vaccine developed cancerous tumors. She was instructed not to publish her research but she did it anyway. Her lab was taken from her and she was demoted and moved to another position. Soon after her findings were corroborated and the carcinogen identified in the virus was SV-40.

Some say that the Covid vaccine only has the SV-40 promoter and not the antigen so that’s A-okay. Again, research has not identified which component of SV-40 could be carcinogenic because no one is interested in that research after what happened to Bernice Eddy. We simply do not know.

So how will we know whether or not the FDA was told this or whether or not Pfizer hid it? And if they did in fact hide it, does it pierce the armor of the PREP Act, which has given them liability from the Covid vaccines? We discussed this here on Monday’s episode of Redacted.

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